Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Everything is going well.

In a complete change of events, everything is going really, really well for me at the moment. In the last 4 days, everything has changed and things which I struggled with this time last week have seemingly resolved themselves and improved.

And I mean, everything is going really well. Career, relationships, friendships... Everything seems to be great right now, possibly too great. Something has to go wrong soon, right?

Who knows, maybe forcing myself to think in a more positive way and becoming proactive about changing my life has actually, for once, worked.

I have this above my desk at work and thought I'd share the advice. (By the way, check out the website - this is a great source of inspiration for anyone in the need of a boost.)


Anonymous said...

So strange, I literally had the same thought today. Everything seems to be falling into place, so something is bound to go wrong soon.

I immediately resolved to be a nicer and better person to try and deserve the good fortune that has come my way.

Sy said...

I'm really glad things are going well for you summer, funny how the things change so quickly

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