Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Years Resolutions.

Um, what? It's August...

Well, I'm a teacher so as far as I'm concerned, the year starts in September. I will never be the owner of a conventional diary or calendar, it will always be a mid-year to mid-year diary and I will never feel as positive on January 1st as I do on September 1st. Not unlike the real new year, however, no doubt the positivity will have faded by the 15th of the month once I've abandoned all of the following New Years Resolutions and realised that this year will be the same as last, only with smaller children (I'm teaching Year 1 this year rather than Year 3. Half the size, half the attitude, double the fun!).

So here they are. The things I want to achieve this year:

  • Have an 'outstanding' lesson observed;
  • Establish more of a work-life balance and see my friends during term time;
  • Also take time out to get back into sport. It's been too long...;
  • Get all my work done during the week to have the weekend off;
  • Try to restore some sort of working relationship with my headteacher;
  • Prove that I deserved the job I have...

So, another busy year, although hopefully an easier one. Here we go again!


little said...

good luck on your first day back.

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