Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My first day has been and gone...

Twelve hours, three panic attacks later and having sat and cried for at least two hours at various points throughout the day and evening, my first day as an actual teacher is over.

It was awful. I forgot the one thing I really, desperately needed to remember.

Plus, my class are... challenging. To say the least.

And I'm overwhelmed and don't think I can actually do it. There's so much to remember, so much to do and the teaching bit of things seems to take up such a small part of the day and is almost 'that annoying thing you do between paperwork'. Teaching really is the easy bit, and I never thought I'd say that.

Anyway, back to the marking. And target setting (despite not knowing the kids or even their names yet). And lesson resourcing. And lesson planning for next week. And tracking. And sorting out my NQT file. Maybe I'll just curl up in the foetal position instead.


Is there anyone else with any "awful first day" stories to share? I could do with the "you're not alone" sense of camaraderie which I get from my lovely readers...


Missy said...

Do not let this get to you. It's brand new and takes some juggling. Make a to do list so you don't feel swampped and methodically work through the most important ones first. In regards to target setting don't worry, you can change them after a couple of weeks as you get to know the kids. Just put today out the way. I still have days I cry and I'm i nmy 5th year having moved from y5 to rec to year 3 (for two years) and now I'm in y4. Don't be afraid to ask for support when needed. Hope tomorrow improves. I would say at the moment get a good reward system in place and work on the behaviour, this will make evrything easier and not sap your energy as much. Good luck!!

summer-claire said...

Thanks :) The behaviour is the one thing I have under control, which given the class I have is a miracle and they respond really well to the reward system we have in place. It's just all the paperwork, and the fact that both teachers in my year are NQTs. I did speak to my induction mentor today though and tell her that we needed more support (after she came to say we had gotten our outline planning wrong - well, we did it on our own after a 20 minute INSET, what did she expect?) and hopefully they are putting something in place for us. Who knows what that will look like but fingers crossed!

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