Monday, 26 September 2011

Unexpected homesickness.

When I moved to London in July, I had been counting the days, hours and minutes for months (if not years) because getting away from there was my ultimate dream. I finally did it: I moved here, set up home, managed on my own despite threatening neighbours, living in a dodgy area, having all my furniture go missing and being skint. It has been absolutely everything I thought it would and more and I am so glad I did it. I love my pokey, slightly rough-round-the-edges flat and I love the independence I finally have.

Yet, I am still feeling homesick. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't want to go home on a permanent basis by any stretch of the imagination but I am having serious Devon cravings and I miss my family and friends so much it actually hurts to think about. I need a pasty, a walk to the beach and a chat with my Grandma; I need a flipping good night out with my girls and a catch up in the pub; I miss my guinea pigs and more than anything, I miss the people. It really has been a don't-realise-what-you've-got-til-it's-gone moment with them: I spent so much time focussing on what a shithole Plymouth is (and it is, I'm not denying that) that I forgot that actually, especially in the last couple of years, I had been very happy there and it was entirely down to the people. My friends picked me up when I was down, my family stood by me even when things got very tough between us all and now I really miss their companionship.

I guess I am, actually, getting a bit lonely here. I haven't seen anyone other than work people or my boyfriend for weeks because I've been so skint and it is, unfortunately, the one downside to living alone. I must rectify that this week, I must get out of the house.

I've booked my train tickets back home for half term at least, but it still seems like an age away despite how quickly the last three weeks have flown by.

Just down the road, the exact spot I intend to stuff my face with pasty.

It'll come round soon, though. And bring on the pasty 


sunshine said...

Hello, just found your blog and I have to say I cat totally relate with everything you are saying about missing home.

When I first left my country (Costa Rica) I missed exactly everything that I wanted to get away from; the same places to hang out, same conversation, same friends- not really wanted to get away from the people, but from the place that made me feel stuck.

But then, I realized is that is not the place that makes you happy or unhappy, but yourself.

So perhaps this "new" place and "new life, is giving you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, be whoever you always wanted to be, because you managed to successfully expand your horizons beyond your dreams...

As far as your home place... well, that is not going anywhere. And they people that really care for you will always be there and in your heart!

So cheer up and get out, enjoy the marvelous city of London and be happy!!!!

Tom said...

Agree with sunshine above! London can be a great social and healing environment. You just need to find the right place and open up/accept it for what it is! Try googling Time Out London (they normally have great ideas for awesome things to do)

Sassy said...

first time visitor to your blog & I totally get ya on this! I have moved away from family, friends as well, & I ache for them sometimes so much it hurts. BUT. I'm doing it, right?? Looking forward to reading more of you blog! Happy Thursday!

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