Thursday, 27 October 2011

Something you've looked for...

This is my post for Mama Kat's link up today and I'm answering the prompt:

Write about the last item you looked for. Why did you need it?

This prompt instantly called out to me because my Mum and I have been looking for something all weekend You see, on Saturday, we went into the city centre to start our Christmas shopping and, most unusually, we had a specific present idea for my Nan. She's normally one of those who never knows what she wants but when we rang her she was clear - she wanted a plain knit, dark/chocolate brown scarf and matching gloves.

Easy! Or so we thought...

Every year other than this, there are plain knitted scarves in every shop regardless of the fashion. They are such a classic wardrobe staple that they are always in the shops but this year, what with the chunky-knit scarf being in fashion, could we find a plain-knit scarf? Could we hell.

M&S, surely would have such a classic piece? No.
BHS? No. House of Fraser? No. Debenhams? No. Edinburgh Woolen Mill? No. Matalan? No. Millets? No. Accessorize? No. Every other shop on the high street? No. The internet? We can't even find one online.

So this blog is not so much an answer to a writing prompt but more a plea - if anyone sees a shop selling plain knit scarves, please let me know! Typical that the one year my Nan has an idea she would give us a suggestion that just does not exist...


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