Sunday, 29 January 2012

"So, how's your love life?" Shut up, Nan.

I am now, not only the only single girl left in my group of friends, but also the only single person left in my family.

Being single is just plain sad. When you have to constantly justify the fact that your life is actually fine without a partner in it and when people hear you aren't on a man-hunt, you sound like a spinster. Then you get the questions about your love life from relatives, to which you reply with some element of pride that you don't actually have one, and you get the patronising "aaaaaaww, well, that's ok..." comment which I'm sure spinsters hear all the time.

However, whether or not it is sad, I like being single and whilst I have no intention of changing that any time soon, I don't intend on checking into Spinster Towers. I've met a couple of guys so far this year and I'm enjoying that buzz you get when you first meet someone and you wonder if anything will happen, do they like you etc (the teenage crush feeling). I like flirting, although I'm still dreadful at it, and I like that I'm finding out more about myself and what I actually want from life and relationships.

Plus, I like having butterflies back in my tummy. They haven't been fluttering for a long time...


Anonymous said...

here here! its about time someone mentioned the first date butterflies and that being single is actually pretty rad!!!! my family are more than supportive of me but my friends just dont get it :/

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