Saturday, 14 April 2012

Back to my normal self.

This week, I've felt like myself again. None of this pathetic, negative self-pity that has been driving my mood for the last two months, but instead the usual optimistic, energetic and motivated version of 'me' is back. I've been cooking, cleaning, working, socialising... and admittedly, it is the Easter holiday, but maybe the break last week was exactly what I needed. Maybe I needed things to settle down between myself and Mr. A. too and maybe that, combined with some sun and daylight (and we all know how much I hate the winter) has been what I needed to drag myself out of my 'mood'.

It's been a long time since I've felt as bad as I did and I'm so, so glad I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel confident again, as if I can actually do what I have set out to do and not only that, I have the motivation to put the work in again. I've remembered why I like my job, I remember what I am good at and know how to tackle the things I need to get better at, rather than letting them drag me down and define me. I really am feeling a million times better now, ready to kick some serious butt this term.

No matter who gets me down, no matter what challenges I have to face, I will not let anyone or anything drag me down. I will make it a whole term without crying...

This is my pick-me-up anthem of the moment. Walking Strutting to school with this in my ears - bliss :)


Anna said...

I'm so glad you feel better now! Two months with negativity is a looong time, and I'm glad it's over. That's just the feeling I need to, and I hope it comes around soon.

bailey j said...

love your attitude. glad things are looking up :)

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