Monday, 19 December 2011

This week I have embraced...

I'm linking up with FTLOB's hop today (and Mingle Monday, of course!) and thinking about the things I have embraced over the last week. However, I feel that the last three weeks have been such a rollercoaster that I've had so many new things to embrace I couldn't just limit it to this week! I reckon this well and truly deserved its own list post and we all know how much I love a list post.

Things I have embraced in December

  • I have embraced being single!
  • Therefore, I have embraced having time to myself to indulge, do the things I love or just sit and do nothing.
  • So, I have re-embraced knitting and baking.
  • Oh, and blogging!
  • I have embraced having a disposable income for the first time since I started university. Overdraft paid off, money back in my savings account and hitting the shops.
  • I have embraced Christmas. Normally I don't really "do" Christmas as I find it boring, stressful, expensive and generally over-rated but this year I'm looking forward to spending it with my Dad for the first time since I age 5. I'm well and truly in the Christmas spirit this year!
  • I've also embraced the new people in my life since having moved. I've started to form friendships with a few which extend outside of school and have something resembling a social life.
  • So I guess, to sum up, I'm just embracing life! Makes a change from feeling like life is a constant battle to balance a million-and-one things, it is just about what I want to do and what I want to achieve. 
Happy, happy happy :)

What are the things you have embraced recently?

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Chandra said...

I'm going to embrace Christmas but in a more meaningful way {family, friends, time spent together} and not getting caught up in the perfect gift and stress of being at the mall!

Jann Cobb said...

I have learned to be content with whatever comes into my life because God is in control! :)

brlracincwgrl said...

I love baking, I embraced that yesterday. As well, as some quiet time! It was wonderful!

mohd hafifi said...

Come here from Malaysia =)

Sar said...

Yay for blogging and Christmas! Today, I've embraced productivity. Seriously, right?! ;)

Happy Monday! Just stopping by from Mingle Monday!


kimberly rae said...

yay for embracing being single! i found that every time i did, that's when i ended up finding love ... not that that's a reason to embrace singlelife o'course!!

im also much more in the christmas spirit this year! huzzahhh!

stopping by from FTLOB!

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