Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I would like to be...

We played some circle time games in a staff meeting today and I thought I'd share my answers.

  • I would like to be Miss Piggy because she doesn't stand for any crap.
  • I would like to be a hedgehog because they can hibernate through the winter.
  • I would also like to be a cat. I would like to be that chilled and non-challant.
  • I would like to be a skirt because they are free and floaty yet have the potential to be cheeky.
  • I would like to have as much street-cred as my 78-year-old Grandad. He uses the term "omg" and refers to himself as "Gdad". Yes...
  • I would like to be a lemon. They are sharp and straight to the point.
  • I would like to be the colour purple, because it reminds me of the poem about old people and I'm basically a 70-year-old in a 20-something body. Now, where is my knitting...

Now, come on, this is the life...


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