Thursday, 16 February 2012

A reverse bucket list.

I'm inspired by Mama Kat's writing prompts again today. The challenge is to write a reverse-bucket list of 10 things I hope I never have to/want to do in my life, which is surprisingly difficult!

My Reverse Bucket List.

1) I will never smoke. Why would anyone ever do that to themselves?

2) I have no intention of running a marathon. Again, why would anyone ever do that to themselves?

3) I will never have an empty savings account again. It was great to use the money I had on setting up my own life when I moved, but not having a financial security blanket scared me.

4) I will never have the same job for more than 4 years. I couldn't stand to be stuck in a dead-end job, plus I get bored very easily. My Mum has always instilled this in me, as she is in the situation I seek to avoid, and I will not be like her.

5) I will not settle for second best. Again...

6) I will not drink a strawberry milkshake. They make me physically sick.

7) I will never learn to dance in any way. I move like a plank of wood, I've dealt with that and I can't change now.

8) I will not fall out with my Mum again. She's actually pretty awesome.

9) I will never swim with sharks. Seriously, why would anyone ever want to do something that horrendous?!

10) I would never go skinny-dipping. Call me boring or prude, but I just don't fancy being that exposed?

So there you go, you know the most boring side to me! I'd love to hear some of yours so please comment away :)


justrealhappy said...

I will never smoke either. Again. I've smoked before, but it's never been that great for me. It smells and it kills you. What else do you need to know?

Cassie @ said...

I love the reverse bucket list idea! Would you mind if I borrow that sometime?

I agree - I see no point in running a marathon. Yes, it's an amazing feat, but I'm just not interested in putting my body through that kind of stress. I'm just fine with my regular and MODERATE exercise routine.

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