Friday, 6 May 2011

"Girl power" and other 90s shenanigans.

Seeing as I'm off out with the girls (aka the Spice Girls) tonight, I thought I'd share my 90s reminiscing with you all!

Firstly, our muses for the evening:

That dance will live on forever, genius!

Plus, so much other great music I couldn't miss out (all linked to youtube for your viewing pleasure!): Hanson, Backstreet BoysM People, Aqua, 'The Macarena', 'Cotton Eyed Joe', Steps... I could go on for hours. Anyway, I think the most worrying thing is that a lot of the cheesy pop bands I looked up actually turned out to be 00s bands, which means I was much less cooler than I thought as a young teenager!

Now if you were a child in the UK during the 90s, you will also remember this little dude and cry with laughter when you watch this, trust me! (And yes, this is Bill Oddie with him!)

And of course, the amazing fashions:

  • Denim, denim and more denim, worn on top of denim! Amazing.
  • Dungarees. I miss them.
  • Bright blue and purple eye shadow with patching bright blue/purple eye liner (which, might I add, they do not sell in Boots anymore)
  • Knitted jumpers, oh the beauty.
  • Turtle neck jumpers
  • Gypsy style (which is back, again...)
  • CROP TOPS. Fit.
  • And apparently, the 90s saw the first chavs. Enough said.
  • Scrunchies for putting hair up! Nice.
It was an amazing time, and I'm sure that I don't just say that because of the innocence of my youth, afterall, who couldn't be happy if they had 5,6,7,8, the Macarena and other dance routines to keep them busy?

Spice up your life! 

Feel free to share any other memories, I can't get enough 90s!


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