Saturday, 7 May 2011

Last night.

I had such an amazing night last night, we all had so much fun and it wasn't messy, just a really good laugh. It was a late one for two of us though, I got in at 6am (by which time it was already daylight!) and L didn't get home until 7 after going for breakfast with some randomers and then falling asleep in the bath. She was definitely the most drunk, I had pretty much sobered up by about 3am as I couldn't afford to drink out so was being fairly sensible, and two of the others went home earlier because they were so drunk they could barely stand. But despite all that, there was no messiness, no-one did anything they shouldn't, no-one was sick and everyone got home safely. An ideal night, all in all!

Plus, I met a veeeeeeery cute guy when I was out and spent most of the latter part of the evening chatting to and dancing with him. I usually don't get that much interest when I'm out, but L dragged me over to these guys and told them all that I was beautiful and that they should therefore all love me! She also told everyone else she spoke to that they were beautiful, no wonder she had crowds of people with her all night, but still she is so going to be my wing-woman any other time I'm out and feeling in that sort of mood. He's a seems to be a lovely guy too, we were chatting and dancing and then got a taxi back together which he insisted on paying for because it was on his way home anyway! So yeah, he seems really lovely, it definitely wasn't a 'slutty pull' or anything (as my friend calls them), had a cheeky kiss but that's about it.

I suppose it's also nice to know that after 7 years of being in a relationship that someone else would actually look at me and that I maybe won't be alone forever. I know I'm not concerned about that right now, but when I'm ready, at least I have some potential. Reassuring...


Yvonne said...

I've been in a relationship for 4yrs .. and I love him. It's sooo nice to know that someone still thinks you're cute or date-worthy though!! Such a good confidence booster :)

Sounds like you had fun!

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