Saturday, 21 May 2011

The see-saw has levelled.

My love life has finally sorted itself out. And by 'sorted out', I mean that I realised it wasn't worth the hassle, only ended up getting hurt again and am generally wondering why the hell I bothered. When I first found myself single earlier this year, I was relieved that finally I could just worry about myself and not about others, so I vowed to stay that way until I had well and truly settled. Now, I know it's generally human nature not to follow your own advice, but I really, really need to remember that next time, learn from these mistakes and not only rock the single boat again, but settle for a year long cruise on board.

So, another note to my future self:

Just remember, next time you forget why you've escaped: he is full of bullshit. Nothing more and nothing less, and you are worth a million times more than a lying little bullshitter. You do not miss him because he brought nothing positive to your life that you could possibly miss, and you are not sad that he is gone from your life. If you are sad, it's because you miss what you could have had, and yes he would have given you everything and all the security for the future, but you would have been unhappy, always wondering if you could have been something more or with someone who made you a bit happier. And you can be something more and you will find someone who makes you happier. And actually, you will be a LOT happier.

So hopefully, the last fortnight has just been my footing slipping slightly from the amazingly positive way life is developing and now I'm back upright, standing tall.

Lots of metaphors today...


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