Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I've been slacking again.

University work, travelling, school work and life have generally gotten in the way of my precious sitting-around-on-my-backside time recently which means I haven't had time to sit and blog. I miss sitting down and having a change to pour my little heart out, it feels all cooped up. Although I should say, this makes it sound like I have something to report and quite frankly I don't. Things on the relationship front are pretty static (well, going round in circles) and I'm splitting my time between study, friends and blind panic about the future.

Being in London and being at my school again on Monday was definitely the kick up the backside I needed; I'd forgotten how much I love that place until I was there again! I found out which year my class will be next year and saw my classroom so I am now getting very excited about having my little Reception class next year. Plus, I have a million ideas going round in my head and knowing that as soon as I plough through these stupid assignments, find a flat (and a bit more money) and move I can get started on it has given me the lift and the motivation I really needed. Plus, now my little brother is home from university, the relationship me and my Mum have is fast deteriorating as expected (I'll save the favouritism rant for another day, but I will say "brother's car insurance" and leave it at that) so that has provided more of an incentive, as if the excitement wasn't enough!

Rainbow fish! This is one of my many ideas, such a classic.

At least the money situation has eased slightly, now I've worked out every single tiny detail of the costs of moving, bills, rent, furniture etc I know I can definitely afford it all... even if it looks like I won't be going out very much in the summer due to being skint, the money is there and my life is, hopefully, going to sort itself out finally. If only the same could be said for my love life, but there's no surprise that's all up in the air again. My life seems to be a constant see-saw, with one end flying high and another end sat in the dirt...


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