Thursday, 21 July 2011

"The bloodbath"

A.K.A. My Graduation day.

3 things in one room I wanted to avoid - 1) my parent's constant arguing and my Mum's consequential tantrums and sulking; 2) my ex boyfriend who I still love and adore; 3) the fact that actually, I didn't do as well in my degree as I thought.

And yet, actually, none of them were as bad as I thought. For once, and I know this sounds selfish, but the day was actually all about me and my achievement and it really was lovely. So, what happened?

1) Parent's avoided each other, Mum didn't shout, the precise timetabling of photo opportunities etc worked beautifully. Everyone was actually proud, or at least, feigned pride.

2) Spent a lot of time with 'him' and managed not to cry. Spoke to 'his' family and generally enjoyed being around him. Have arranged meeting on Tuesday and gave him his birthday card for tomorrow. Lovely.

3) Spoke to a university tutor who submitted a mark 20 marks higher than what I actually got. The mistake is being ironed out and I will only be bloody graduating with FIRST CLASS HONOURS! So excited and over-whelmed I cried. A lot. Bawled like a baby, actually, and everyone was so proud of me it really was the absolute cherry on the cake.

As perfect as it possibly could have been. Bliss. <3

Did you know we can't throw our caps in the air now? Health and Safety, you could lose an eye...


Missy said...

Aww I am so pleased that it was a good day and well done on the 1st :-)

Oh and apparently some universities (namely Hull) are allowed to throw caps and get a whole group shot!!!!!!

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