Sunday, 3 July 2011

Moving is hard.

Suddenly it hit me that I'm actually all on my own. I live here now, actual London, with no-one else, with no friends locally and generally with nothing to do. 9 weeks until I start work, and until then and I get to meet people, I'm on my own. Shit.

Being lonely sucks. I expected to feel like this at some point in this year of living on my own, but I didn't expect it to really hit as soon as my Mum left yesterday. I thought I'd have too much stuff to do, which I do, but that's worse because it just reminds me I have nothing to look forward to anymore.

I'm scared and want a fucking cuddle.

And I need to find some money. I can't sell my car, I just can't. I can't be this cut off and isolated. I need to speak to my Dad...


smallgirl said...

I know how rubbish it can feel when you move somewhere completely new. I moved to Birmingham 8 months ago, and when I first got here I didn't know anyone. I was hoping for housemates I could be friends with, but it didn't really happen, and those first few weeks of finding your feet can be pretty tough.

I spent quite a lot of time walking and wondering and trying to get my bearings, and just exploring, which helped a little bit, and I tried to go out every day and keep to some sort of routine, lame as it sounds writing it now!

I hope things start to look more positive soon. Wishing you lots of luck!

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