Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Something on the horizon.

I need to start by apologising for my last few posts. It's been a hard few days, I've found myself overwhelmed on more than one occasion but I'm beginning to settle into a new routine now and hopefully I can keep on top of my anxiety again. Blogging helped though, I knew I had taken this up again for a reason. It helped me to feel much less lonely when the feeling really kicked in. Which it has, there's no doubt about it, but it's not bothering me too much today.

I think having something to look forward to is an amazing motivation. I expect that a lack of it, as I now have everything I've been counting down to, has been partly to blame with my negative mood and anxiety difficulties recently. This theory seems to have been further confirmed today because now I have things to get excited about again, suddenly I am finding myself much more able to cope.

So, here's my happy list for the month:

11th - I start my induction week at school. Activities include a social night, a transfer meeting and meeting my new class. I am SO excited about that I cannot begin to describe;
16th - I have a friend coming to stay. The friend I said I would stop seeing... oh well;
20th - Back to Devon;
21st - My graduation ceremony;
22nd - Only going to see actual Jeremy Kyle being filmed!
23rd - Weekend with the grandparents and my Dad. Plus car shopping with my Dad, but he doesn't know that yet;
29th - I inherit my classroom. MY classroom, to do with whatever I like!

And, most importantly of all, today is my last early morning because of deliveries and it is the last day of waiting around for even more deliveries. I'll be free to get out and do what I want, explore a few more places and I can eventually have my trek out to Ikea. Don't try to tell me I don't know how to live...

Life is much more peaceful today. I'm feeling good :)


Missy said...

Glad you're feeling much better about things!! Sometime we just need some little things to help us along :-) Also, woooo- you're own classroom!! I remember being excited to get my pwn cupboard to store all my rubbish haha!!

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