Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My new skills.

I am fast becoming a flat-pack furniture goddess.

But, if after this week I ever see another box of flat-pack, I fully expect to have a complete nervous breakdown. Even sight of some instructions may well send me into shock, my poor knees couldn't take another minute so I highly expect they would just disintegrate and leave me crumpled on the floor. Flat-pack is not fun, neither is moving tonnes of boxes around to make room for the furniture, only to have to move them back to unpack. Now, I consider myself to be fairly fit and active, but another few boxes and I may well be ruined. You can teach on crutches, right? 

I am also good at cleaning disgusting things left by the previous tenant without gagging.

I was going to write more about this but even thinking about the things I cleaned in the bathroom this morning is making me gag. Some people are disgusting. Enough said.

I am also good at working my shiny new Sky+ box.

I realise this is one of those products that solves a problem that didn't previously exist. I have made it through my entire life without feeling the need to record programmes whilst watching something else, and I have managed without 'series link' to record all my favourite programmes in case I forget them, yet I expect this will become a product I, now, couldn't live without. Sad but true. 

I am good at cooking without the use of most major appliances.

When I use the grill, the smoke alarm goes off. When I use the hob, it takes absolutely forever to heat up so if I ever needed a seering-hot pan to perhaps cook a steak or seal some meat, short of starting a fire in the garden, I couldn't do it. The oven works though, so it'll be casseroles and roast dinners galore for the next year. Or anything which needs simmering on a low heat for large amounts of time.

I am good at being on my own. Actually, it doesn't bother me now I've settled. Which is great news.



Megan said...

I used to love living on my own, before I was married. I am such an independent person, though. It didn't bother me at all...except when I watched Lifetime movies at night and thought people were coming to kill me. Haha!

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