Thursday, 30 June 2011

Today has been an epic see-saw of a day...

10:30am - Time to collect results. Disappointed with my dissertation mark, but not surprised.
10:35am - Pick up module results for the final 2 modules. Only, one has gone missing.
11:20am - Still no sign of my assignment, despite four different people now scouring the university for it. all lecturers on strike today.
12:05pm - My friends all go out for lunch without inviting me. "Friends"
12:20pm - Realise the ramifications of them having lost my work if it doesn't get found. Lots of tears.
12:21pm - Send panicky email to module leader. She says she is on the case.
1:45pm - Results emailed through. Gutted, actually, gutted. I've been bordering on a first for my entire degree and slip up at the final hurdle. 2:1 it is then.
1:46pm - My school ring. They have had a teacher pull out for September and wonder if I would perhaps like to teach year 3 instead next year. Very happy, year 3s are my ideal year group and I could not be happier!
2:50pm - My headteacher rings to tell me about a dangerous, nasty family who live on my road. And oh yeah, their son is in my class.

What a fucking, awful day. Excuse my French.



Missy said...

First off- congratulations on your result!! Try not to feel too disappointed, you've done really well!!

Now, I think maybe you should speak to the headteacher and enquire whthere it would be better for you to teach foundation again rather than Y3 if they think this oculd cause problems! Hope you get it all sorted!!

summer-claire said...

He doesn't seem too keen to move me, although the more I've thought about it the less concerned I feel. They live round the corner on a completely different part of my road so chances are, unless we bump into each other on the street, they won't see me given how early/late I get to/leave school! And on the odd occasion that they do see me, I'll claim I'm there visiting a friend, smile and walk on.

That's all I can do at this stage, I personally think he was being unnecessarily alarmist given that I have no option but to stay there. And apparently the family are OK until they don't get their way so I will obviously try really hard to keep them on side.

It will all be fine! It has to be...

Sy said...

Sorry to hear you're having a bad day Summer. I've had the worse day ever too! Although I got a 1st for my dissertation and 2:1 for most of my units I have to bloody retake one half unit next year so can't graduate with everyone else in my year. I can't believe it! Have to completely rethink my plans for next year

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