Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer bucket list

So I'm taking part in Mama's losing it and her weekly writing prompts again! This one was a nice challenge (50 is a lot) which has taken me nearly three days to write but it gives me focus for the 8 weeks I have free this summer.

50 things you want to do this summer
  1. Have a bloody amazing 'last night' with the girls; 
  2. Decorate my classroom ready for September; 
  3. Sort out my flat to make it into a home; 
  4. Learn my way around where I live and find how to get to everywhere I need to; 
  5. Buy a bike! 
  6. Meet up with S one evening; 
  7. Maybe meet up with L? 
  8. Catch up with NJ whilst she still lives in London; 
  9. Go to the cute tea shop Stefany at Influence recommended; 
  10. Go to Greenwich market; 
  11. Go to Brick Lane market; 
  12. Go to Camden market; 
  13. Go to the pizza place in Covent Garden that has unusual toppings; 
  14. Visit the Tate gallery; 
  15. Go on a day-trip to the seaside; 
  16. Visit Fortnum and Mason to their bizarre food hall; 
  17. Have a night out in London! 
  18. Read at least two classic novels; 
  19. Read at least five other books; 
  20. Start making my Christmas presents; 
  21. Shop for a graduation outfit at Bluewater shopping centre; 
  22. Meet/see a celebrity! For no reason other than I'd like the anecdote; 
  23. Use a nightbus in London; 
  24. Make a pizza from scratch; 
  25. Sing at a kareoke night (to tick it off my general bucket list); 
  26. Take up kick boxing again; 
  27. Have my hair re-styled; 
  28. Get a tan! Natural or fake, not fussy; 
  29. Have a champagne cocktail; 
  30. See a stand-up comedy show; 
  31. Learn how to make different flavoured bread; 
  32. See a west-end show; 
  33. Try my Mum's family recipe for sticky toffee pudding; 
  34. Take up running and try to maintain my fitness level; 
  35. Make home-made lemonade; 
  36. Meet at least one of my new neighbours (just because the rural girl in me doesn't want to totally fade); 
  37. Go for a walk along the Thames from my house; 
  38. Go on a bike ride along the Thames from my house; 
  39. Bake and decorate a cake; 
  40. Buy myself some nice new smart clothes for my first day as a teacher; 
  41. Go to visit my Nan for the day; 
  42. Go to visit my Dad for the day; 
  43. Go on a week-long detox (next week); 
  44. Actually unpack everything! I don't want any boxes lying around by September; 
  45. Have a picnic on the southbank; 
  46. Do not get involved with any men. At all; 
  47. Try sushi; 
  48. Have my first skype date in two years; 
  49. Make some new friends! 
  50. Get into a routine of keeping in touch with my current friends and family. I don't want to be forgotten... ♥


    Katie Elizabeth said...

    you certainly have a lot of things you want to do this summer. i hope you get them all done! from the sounds of it you will definitely enjoy your summer :)

    xo katie elizabeth

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