Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Music for my mood.

I've just sat and downloaded a lot of new music and meticulously organised my Ipod into different playlists. Whilst this was a task borne primarily from procrastination from packing (as do 90% of my daily activities right now), it also served a purpose for me.

You see, my music tastes vary according to my mood and as such, most songs on my Ipod remind me of a certain time in my life or a certain event. For example, there are various tracks which remind me of driving with the windows down across Bodmin moor to work; there are others which remind me of moving in 2007; there are others which remind me of dancing round a hotel room feeling like nothing in the world could bring me down, that my whole life was working out for the better and that everything would be amazing... I could go on with this list for hours. They aren't necessarily songs which are to do with moving, work etc, they are just songs which were perhaps popular at the time or which made it to my ipod 'current' playlist around then. And so I decided that, based on this, making a playlist which will see me through this coming week is actually fairly important as it will become the soundtrack to my new life and then, in the future, when I feel down, I can crank up these tunes and remember the optimism and excitement of moving.

I also have a photographic memory, so there will be a song which reminds me of driving away for the last time, there will be a song which reminds me of unpacking in my new home and there will be a song which reminds me of waving my family goodbye at the door. And those are pretty important memories which deserve a damn good soundtrack. A calm, relaxed soundtrack to help me wind down from the excitement, and one which I can call on in the future to chill me out when I feel life is getting on top of me.

Plus, it needs to be a damn good soundtrack because there will be lots of cleaning and sorting to do and, lets face it, that sort of thing is a lot more interesting when you can sing at the top of your lungs, spin around and lip-sync into a can of furniture polish.


Oxymoronic said...

I'm the same way about music. I usually end up associating songs with a particularly strong memory or emotion that may have occurred while listening to it. But what' strange is that a lot of the time, I can listen to such a song without necessarily having to call back that memory. There are songs that have been permanently affixed to one particular feeling, of course, but most of the time, pulling those memories out of the sound is something that I have to do; almost like it's a conscious effort.

It's interesting. Anyway, I hope that everything goes well with the move, and I wish you the best of luck in getting to and establishing your new place in the world. I can tell that you are very excited, and rightly so.

Missy said...

I'm the same with music. I have certain bands which just make me think of certain times. I am such a lyrics person (some refer to me as Queen of the Lyrics) and that grabs my attention. Good luck this week- you'll be fine :-)

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