Thursday, 2 June 2011

I am now a graduate!

Well, assuming I haven't completely failed any of my recent modules, I have finally finished my last piece of university work and therefore am ready for my cap and gown! It's a wonderful feeling, truly amazing, and I am so proud of myself to get to where I am today. Because, lets face it, I did this on my own. My family have been unsupportive to indifferent at best, in fact, if they had their way 3 years ago I wouldn't even have done this course and left with a career and a job which I love, so really, this is an amazing personal achievement and, hell I'll say it again, I'm really proud of myself.

Now just the graduation ceremony itself to look forward to... oh yeah, wait, I can't look forward to it because my Mum is still sulking because my Dad is coming, no-one cares enough to want to take me out for a celebratory lunch afterwards and all in all, as usual, the day will be over-shadowed by the petulance of others, no-one will be proud of me because they will all be too busy sulking and I'll end up going home (which, fortunately by then will be in a city 200 miles away) on my own to celebrate with a bottle of vodka. maybe wine, if I'm feeling flush.

Anyway, as I'm trying not to indulge my grumpy side in a rant about how much of an outcast I have been made to feel by both sides of my family this week (and yes I do realise that sentence in itself was a mini-rant), I shall instead write a list of all the things which I have to be happy about and to look forward to. This always cheers me up.

1) Going out with the girls to celebrate tomorrow night;
2) Buying a nice dress (despite not really being able to afford it) to wear out tomorrow night;
3) The local festival on Saturday afternoon;
4) The beautiful weather forecast for said event;
5) Going up to London to flat-hunt;
6) (Hopefully) finding a flat in London and arranging to move;
7) Finally having time to have a proper sort out and, I suppose, start packing;
8) Having time to read a non-educational book;
9) Having time to finish my knitting (yes, I know, I'm practically an old woman);
10) Moving to London!
11) Having my own flat and going shopping for lots of nice furniture;
12) Living near my best friend again;
13) Starting my new job and meeting new people;
14) Getting my own classroom;
15) Having lots of time over the summer to explore London;
16) Meeting up with some old friends over the summer;
17) Getting excited about the impending hen-do being organised for next year...

The list could go on, but that has definitely put me in a better mood. So bring on the summer, bring on the sun and bring on the fun times... I'm free!


little said...

con-grad-ulations. had to do it :)

smallgirl said...

Yay for lists of happy stuff. They always make me feel better. :)

Congrats on graduating!

Mo Pie, Please said...

ConGRADS! That is such an amazing feeling. Have fun celebrating and working your way through your list!

Stephanie said...

How fun to look for a flat in jealous! Congrats on graduating!

mary shouvlin said...


xo. foralifeinspired.

Cara said...

LOVE your summer bucket list! London sounds like a GREAT idea! Just found your blog via Jillian's link-up...following you now :)

PS. come check out my summer bucket list :)

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

what a lovely list! wish I could visit London!

Sarah said...

CONGRATS! So exciting to finally graduate :D Hope you really do get a chance to go out tomorrow night! And, can't wait to see the flat you get!

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