Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Doing nothing all day is exhausting!

As expected, less than a week after finishing university and I'm bored! I'm such a nightmare when I'm bored, and although I know it's normal to hate being bored (I mean, who likes it?) but I do my own head in when I have nothing to do. There's only so much crappy daytime telly a girl can watch and only so many small chores which can be dragged out to cover an entire day. I thought I'd have a lot of things to do, I thought sorting out my things would take a while but other than one big job, it's all done! And that job will be on tomorrow's list, at which point my decent into a dull summer will be on. Other than the move, of course, but even the excitement of that can only be dragged out for so long.

I was chatting to a friend about this earlier, and he kept telling me to stop whinging and enjoy the time left rather than sulking about it. And I really need to listen to his advice and find some things to do and spend time with my friends, after all, I'll soon be moaning that I haven't seen them or spent time with them for ages, so I really ought to be making the most of the time now.

I admit this sounds a little bit like I'm dying as opposed to moving, but still, I do need to make the most of my last long summer before entering the world of work. Although having some money would help, I really am going to be skint this summer and the Bank of Dad is on holiday in Ibiza for the next few weeks. How sad is that? My 53-year-old Dad and 62-year-old Step Mum are off clubbing in Ibiza (and yes, they are there to go clubbing) whilst I'm stuck at home doing nothing? I'm not sure who comes off worse in that, me for being skint and pathetic for staying home, or for them still going clubbing at their age? Although why not, as long as they enjoy themselves.

Anyway, I digress, although I'm not sure what the point of this post was anyway. I guess it was to remind myself not to get stuck in a rut of wallowing in boredom and to get out and do things. So yes, do that.


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