Sunday, 12 June 2011

Every girl needs a GBF.

(GBF = Gay Best Friend, if you didn't know)

I personally do not have a gay best friend and even my girlfriends/mother/step-mother refuse to come shopping with me because I'm so damn fussy. I guess you could say I'm a girl who knows what she wants, and if what I try on looks great but isn't what I had in mind, I'll still put it back so for this reason, I drive most people insane. This means I generally go shopping on my own, which usually suits me but when you need that second opinion, it does make shopping a bit of a drag.

This is why I like Sunday mornings and shopping afterwards, because on E4 every Sunday they show two or three repeats of various shows with Gok Wan who, lets face it, is like the fairy godmother GBF we would all love to take us shopping. And in watching his programme and seeing how he gets women who have much bigger body hang ups than I do to love their bodies purely through the way they dress, it gives me the ideas and inspiration to go shopping. I always seem to dress much better on those days too, and on more than one occasion have grabbed and filled a charity bag simply trying to get dressed purely because of Auntie Gok in the background!

If only he could be there preaching the body-image message from my little tellybox every morning. This is why I need a GBF. Or even a normal friend who doesn't want to kill me within a few shops. I need someone to reassure me when I step out of my comfort zone that it looks fab or to tell me it was a bad idea, and I need someone to point out things which I would never dare to try but would actually look great. Applications on a post card please.

Did I mention that the bus route which runs outside my flat in London goes straight to Bluewater shopping centre? As if I needed more of a reason to want to hit the shops, GBF or no GBF...


Adrian said...

Hi sweet girl, stopping by from mingle monday, love this post! I totally need a GBF too, but have very few gays in my life unfortunately. You would think being a hair stylist and working at a salon would fix that, but alas, no! Can't wait to read more :)

Holly said...

Cute blog! Thanks for following :)

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