Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ahh, sunshine, you are bliss.

I absolutely adore the sun, it's the one thing that can always guarantee a happy mood and that it will make everything look positively beautiful. I've been sat out nearly all day so far and it just makes you feel so much better in your own skin for having had a bit of sun on it! This lovely little heatwave is the perfect pick-me-up for this time of year, it's been a beautiful Easter holiday so far. Yesterday was such a nice day in particular: spent all day in the library working on my dissertation, then went and had my hair cut, then home for a barbeque with the grandparents and finally out with my girlies to the pub. I also firmly closed a door in my life and feel a million times better for it. Men, you are well and truly out of my life.

And why am I enjoying the sun as opposed to being in the library again with everyone else? Because I've fricking well done it! Just needs a read through and my reference list needs to be compiled and alphabetised, only bloody 3 weeks early... Proud or what :D Yesterday really was an amazing day, though when I got up I decided I was going to finish it and it was just the mind-set I needed.

Even my hair-cut went well despite my fear. I had a 'lob', which is basically a long bob and it looks really nice. Not sure it's helped me look any older, if anything probably done the opposite, but it's nice and manageable and much thinner now which is what I wanted. I was feeling much less nervous when I sat in the chair and I don't think I flinched or worried even once! Mostly because the two apprentices at the salon asked to watch as it was such a restyle from what I had before, so the hairdresser was talking them through it meaning I knew exactly what was going on behind me. So yeah, I didn't behave like a child and actually sat in the chair and sustained a normal conversation without freaking out. Another proud moment.

Anyway, I'm off outside to sit in the sun bliss again.

Why I love the sunshine
1) The smell of suncream is lovely
2) It reminds me of being 16 and skiving off GCSE revision to go to the beach every day
3) It's a valid excuse for laying around all day and not being productive
4) I love that sun-kissed look, it makes me feel more healthy
5) Topless men *drools*
6) Ice creams!
7) Driving around with the window open is such a nice feeling
8) Plymouth actually looks nice and not like a depressing shithole
9) Summer dresses, bikinis and flip-flops.
10) It means there's actually something to do and somewhere to go in this dump
11) No frizzy hair worries
12) Cider, particularly brother's strawberry cider.
13) The 3 B's: Barbeques,
14) Beaches and
15) Beer gardens!
16) Getting just that bit too close to being sunburnt (don't ask me why I like being that bit too red...)
17) Not having to wear a coat, even in the evenings.
18) Related to the last one, going out wearing a dress for a night out and not freezing to death.
19) Being bored of writing this because I want to get back outside... adios!

(Oh, and the best thing about sunshine at this time of year? No hayfever yet, woop!)


Missy said...

I too have spent pretty much all day in the garden. I took some work out to mark and only managed one boo. I'd feel bad about it but I don't...the sun makes me too happy!Enjoy what is supposed to be a sunny rest of the week! Well done on being finished early!

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