Sunday, 10 April 2011


This weekend (and in fact, from Thursday of last week on wards) I have done absolutely nothing of worth; I've sat and chilled out, listened to some new music, browsed the internet, cooked and baked, cleaned and then gone back to chilling out - and do I feel guilty? Not in the slightest!

You see, usually I choose to live my life at 100mph - if I have two hours spare in my day then I'll fill it with going to the gym, baking, cleaning, sorting, planning... anything at all to avoid having the dreaded 'nothing', and am completely incapable of relaxing for more than an hour at a time. It was something I was starting to worry about with the impending move, given that for the summer I will be skint and predominantly friendless, but actually, I think I just need to accept that sometimes having nothing to do is as valuable as having lots to do. I'm relaxed, I'm refreshed, I have the beginnings of a normal sleep pattern and I'm beginning to feel slightly less overwhelemed by the things in my life right now. And it's a lovely feeling, although I do love being busy, this is almost as nice too.

Though I suppose I am still slightly more occupied than usual, seeing as my Mum woke up yesterday pretty much paralysed from back pain which means I've taken over full reign of the house and the associated chores. It's a good job I like cleaning!

Now to get back to sitting in gorgeous sunshine of the garden... oh wait, I never left it! God bless wireless internet and my dinky netbook :)su


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