Tuesday, 26 April 2011


So I've applied for my tickets! I hope I get at least one of the ones I've applied for, going to the Olympics really is a once in a lifetime experience and as I will be a Londoner by then it will be great to embrace the games. It should be a great atmosphere, even if getting anywhere in London will be horrendous but around the events I'm seeing (hopefully) I can always nip back down to Plymouth to escape the insanity, gridlock and probable water shortages.

Not that going has anything to do with my desire to ogle the fit men. Male gymnasts and (some, not all) tennis players and their amazing arms... drool.

On that note, off to watch new Two Pints now. I'm sure it'll be rubbish, it hasn't been funny for years, but I just want to watch Will Mellor despite my slight disinterest now I've seen his grammar on twitter. I'm so middle-class sometimes I even shudder at myself...

No longer blog today, I have a load of negative stuff going round in my head and I think it's best left there. Night all.


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