Friday, 22 April 2011

Rocking the single boat.

I'm finally going out! It's been far too long, my life has been far too busy with boring university work and all-work-and-no-play has started to turn me insane. I've started over-thinking again, going over and over the past and finding regret in things that I shouldn't regret. That's always how my cabin-fever starts, along with struggling to sleep which I did  last night, so I'm more excited than normal about getting out of the house tonight. Fake tan done, hair washed, dress and shoes chosen, make-up lined out ready to apply, lots of alcohol ready and waiting (yeah yeah, I know lent isn't over quite yet but I've done well and achieved everything I wanted to from cutting it out) and all the girls are set to hit the town. It's not very often we all go out together so it's great when we are all there.

I've not really been out since I've been single, even when I have it's only been for a few drinks and that's not quite the same. Going out when you're single is so much more fun. I can talk who I want, dance with who I want and I won't be worrying that someone will see me talking to a guy shockhorror  and dob me in. I've already concluded through writing this blog that I have a tendancy to attract the insanely jealous guys anyway which I guess hasn't helped my case, but still, it'll be nice to be without that fuss tonight.

My only concern is that I do tend to turn into a bit of a slut when I'm drunk and single. Don't get me wrong, I don't go round sleeping with guys but I do tend to find a guy, spend all night letting them buy me drinks, dancing and eating their face before trotting off and moving onto the next one. I'm not proud of it though, I know women suffer at the hands of a double-standard whereby a guy would be a hero for doing the same thing, but as such I feel shame and guilt when I pick up randomers. Poor guys, so if you're local and reading this, stay in tonight, yeah?

Hope you all have a good night!


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