Monday, 25 April 2011


Is it sad that I'm organising my life around the Masterchef finals this week? Ok, that wasn't a question because the answer is obvious, but still, the fact remains that I'm glad Glee is on +1 in a bit.

Telly is awesome. I love the crappy, trashy programmes best of all because I hate having to think when I watch a TV programme, and thrillers or dramas with tension and mystery make me feel really anxious to the point I can't sleep. Which is sad, I know at 22, that I'm scared of programmes like that, but I am.

The reason I watch Masterchef religiously amongst other cookery programmes (Saturday Kitchen is my favourite, I love James Martin and want him in my kitchen please) is because I secretly wish I could cook like that. I love cooking and by most people's standards I am a good cook, but I by no means cook to impress. I always go for the sort of homely food that reminds everyone of their Mums and Grandmas, which lets face it, is what we all want. But talk to me about presentation and I couldn't care less, it all goes down the same way, right?

Admittedly, I doubt I'll be picking up many tips from this episode (they are cooking kangaroo and crocodile), but I still love aspiring to that type of cooking. Cooking for anyone other than close friends and family fills me with dread as it is, even for my friends I panic and fret my way through any entertaining, and so any tips and inspiration are much welcomed. My best mate always puts on an amazing spread when she cooks for us, always making something new and interesting and whilst it's great to pick up recipes from her, sometimes I want to be the one setting the standards, not trailing on behind.

I look on at food blogs with the same envy. Maybe one day I will be one of them, maybe even just dropping a recipe once a week (a Munchie Monday or a Tasty Tuesday perhaps?) but until then I shall keep practising and gathering as much knowledge and inspiration as possible.

I do have an idea in mind for my first self-written recipe, inspired by a flan I had in a cafe last month. Maybe that can debut my food blogging next week, or perhaps play around with some cupcakes to take to seminars.

The ideas seem to be rubbing off...

This might be slightly ambitious but I fancy upping the creative game...


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