Thursday, 14 April 2011

I am so fricking angry today.

I would quite happily scream at someone right now, and lets be honest, it'll probably be you, Mother.

Why have you pissed me off? Because you've been in the house all week off work with your bad back and I do have to wonder if you're playing it up a bit. For example, you could get down on your hands and knees to reach the tea bags from the back of the cupboard, but dragged me from the bathroom to put them back for you. You are also winding me up by being here all the time - everyone knows that daytime telly is rubbish, but I watch it every day because I like the background noise and I do not want you sat bitching about it and turning it off when your codeine will have you asleep in five minutes. Also, when I give you a lift to your physio appointment, some gratitude would be nice. What I do not want, is you complaining about the radio station I had on (and quietly at that) in the car, and you trying to direct me to somewhere I've been hundreds of times. When you directed me last time, you made me take an illegal right turn across a main road and my way was therefore better. So no, that was the correct turning because it's the last chance to turn right, and yes, funnily enough that IS the shop where we came out last time, but thanks for the confirmation. Now shut your face.

And also, don't you dare ask me to drive up in my car to help you move my brother back home from university in June. Yes I may be cheaper than a van, but YOU have refused to help ME move in July and I cannot afford the petrol or the time. I am expected to fund, out of my own pocket, van rental or multiple journeys up the M4, but my brother isn't? Exactly the type of favouritism that I moan about all the time. And for you to then make me feel guilty and useless about wanting to ask my Dad or Grandad to help me, seeing as you won't, is not on. So again, shut your face.

And, Mum, while we're on the subject of favouritism. No, I have not missed my brother enough that I have missed his inability to put dishes in the dishwasher, put empty pots/bags in the bin or tidy his shoes away. When I leave a pair of shoes out, I get told off, so no it is not "bless him" when he leaves them out, and even less "bless him" when I fall over them on my way to the lightswitch. So yes, I do have reason to be pissed off with him, and if it had been you with your "bad back", you'd be crippled so stop setting double standards and shut your face.


I was determined this blog wouldn't be a bitching rant, but I needed to vent before I scream. I think I'm definitely ready to leave home now... only 79 days to go.

Deep breaths now.


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