Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chin up.

I have to keep telling myself to keep smiling, it's been one of those days when my mind is trying to drag me down. I'm trying not to let it but it's hard, it's like my brain is trying to force the negative on me.

So, brain, listen up.

  • I do not need a man, least of all him because he drives me mad after an hour.
  • But mostly, I do not have time or the energy for a man.
  • And anyway, I want to be on my own, it will be the making of me.
  • One day I will find someone who is right for me and who doesn't drive me mad.
  • It's not my problem, it's just me choosing the wrong guys.
  • It's ok to feel ill and want to go to bed. I'm not busy enough to need to 'cope'.
  • The summer will be exciting, not boring, despite not having that much money.
  • I will be a good teacher, despite what my last placement tutor told me.
  • I will make friends, I've never had problems with it before. People will like me...

Now, brain, shut up shut up shut up!

I realise this blog doesn't make interesting reading for anyone else, sorry, but I needed the outlet.


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