Saturday, 30 April 2011

Things I want.

So I'm skint, yet somehow this drives me to do more window-shopping than ever! So this is my current wish list for once I've worked out my disposable income this month.

From Dorothy Perkins. To go with a coral pink cardigan I already have and these shoes...
...which are the most amazing shoes I have seen in years. And now my student loan is in, do they have them in my size online? Nope. I may actually cry. So if you're listening Dorothy Perkins, sort your life out. Thanks.  Anyway...
Skirt from Joe Browns online
Such a cute vintage-style dress from New Look which would go so nicely  with the shoes that DOTTY P'S DO NOT HAVE IN STOCK. Ahem. I'm over it, honest...
From Zara, but I need to find some better shoes than those granny-tastic beasts on the model.

As an outfit together from River Island. It was chosen with THOSE shoes in mind but I may opt for some grey dolly shoes. I have a skinny brown belt which will go nicely too.
And I'm not sure how I've made it through life without these yet... some fold out pumps I spotted in River Island.
Shopping spree over...

Money now please?

And yes, I realise this is the third blogging genre I've attempted in two days, but I'm bored and enjoying it!


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