Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding.

About two days ago, I don't think I could have cared less about the Royal Wedding and the incessant media coverage was beginning to get on my nerves; a view shared by many across the country. But today, I've become borderline obsessed with it and I've watched the coverage all day! It really has been a spectacular event.

Because I couldn't blog about the wedding without this iconic photo, could I?!

Isn't she gorgeous?! So effortless, a truly classy woman and well worthy of her new status.

People can say what they want about the monarchy and they can be as cynical about events like this as they feel necessary, but however you look at it, it has been a true fairytale - a commoner (albeit one from a well-off family, but it's all earnt, not inherited wealth) has married a prince and is going to live happily ever after. She looked absolutely stunning in both her dresses, the ceremony I thought was absolutely beautiful and all the readings and song choices were spectacular and poignant. The guests looked wonderful, the crowds and the atmosphere in London looked absolutely amazing and generally speaking, it was a great day to be British. We are an amazing nation, proud of our traditions whilst moving forwards with the world, and when we all come together to celebrate and show off our pomp and pageantry, we should all be very proud. I just wish I had been in London, and most of all, I wish I could marry a prince!

What an amazing day, and I don't think it's possible to underestimate how much it has lifted the mood of the nation today - if only for the extra day off and the second four-day weekend in a row - and long may it continue. The diamond jubilee celebrations next year will be equally wonderful I expect, and I can't wait to be there to enjoy it.

Well done, Britain, we did ourselves proud today!

The day in pictures:


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