Sunday, 17 April 2011

I knew this would be my year.

I've only been 22 for a month, and after the rubbish years I've had recently I decided on my 22nd that this would be my year and that I'd do anything I had to to make it amazing.

At 7pm on my birthday, I had a phone-call from my school offering me an interview and within five days I had the job. That was the start of my year and so far, although it's only been a month, it's been a good one. I have something to be excited about again, I have aims and dreams for the first time in years and I can see the next few months of my life folding out before my eyes in exactly the way I always dreamed it would - this year I will be a teacher, I will be finally moving out, I will be living in London, I don't have the hassle of men and my life is truly mine for the first time. I knew this year would be good, but I didn't expect it all so soon!

I know that having a job secured for September probably has a lot to do with how I'm feeling right now, but my whole attitude to life changed when I decided to change it on my birthday. I've always been living life passively, believing that life is something that happens to you, that you need luck and fate on your side to get by and that all it took was patience but that's so not true. Life is something that you have to create for yourself, opportunities don't fall on your lap and good things don't happen unless you initiate them and let them happen. I've stopped believing in fate, I believe in grabbing hold of your life and steering it yourself and I think that's why I feel so much more positive now. If only because I'm a control-freak and I now feel like I'm in control of my own life or because I'm about to graduate and have freedom and choice in my sight, either way I'm feeling happier and the future suddenly seems much more bright.

So bring on my year, bring on the next six months in particular and bring on a new wealth of opportunities! In case you couldn't tell, my mood has picked right up from the end of last week...

On a slightly related note, I need to start pushing my way through my list of new years resolutions from January. Lots of new things I want to do this year, need to get a move on with doing some of these things!


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