Monday, 18 April 2011

I want to have my hair cut.

I'm so fed up of being skint! I haven't had my hair cut since before Christmas and it's starting to get long and unmanageable. I want my inverted bob back...

This was the picture I took to my hairdresser last time and it really suited me (and yes, I watch 90210 despite being about 6 years too old!). I only ended up letting it grow out because, again, I couldn't afford to have it cut every 8 weeks to maintain it. I suppose now my degree is ending and I'll be earning that it shouldn't be a problem anymore, so I might go this week. Money or no money, my overdraft will forgive me, hehe.

The other slight issue is that I'm scared of hairdressers, they have too much power, I have no control and I had an awful one when I was growing up who always ruined my hair and made me look dreadful. I've been going to my hairdresser for the last five years and now she's gone on maternity leave I have to brave another one for the first time since. I'm slightly apprehensive to say the least, which yes is ridiculous and childish but if they ruin my hair I'll be stuck looking ridiculous for months while it grows out. This would normally be mortifying enough, but given how many new people I'll be meeting in the next few months and how important first impressions are... not that it matters, I won't make much of an impression looking like this either! I'm just making excuses really, I do need my hair cut and at 22 I need to get over my fear.

And whilst I could just keep on growing my hair and grow out the stupid front bits that drive me insaaaane, I also feel the need to find something that makes me look a bit older, I still look really young. For example, last week I was asked by the butcher if I had much homework for the holidays when I went to pick up my Mum's meat order and the week before I was asked for ID to go into a 15 cert film. Now I knew I didn't look my age, but to look 14? That's 8 years younger, and whilst I won't be complaining when I'm 40, right now it's not good! I have parents and colleagues to meet soon and I don't want that to be the way I'm judged, as a little kid who doesn't know anything. I just don't know how to make myself look older? I think not looking like a scruff will probably be a start, so seriously, get to the hairdressers tomorrow...


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