Saturday, 23 April 2011

Note to self.

We all give things up in our lives that we know we should, then we forget why and do it/have it again, then a few weeks later end up giving it up again. I suppose it's human nature, you tend to forget the bad things and only the good memories remain.

But for future reference: alcohol is not something that ever has any good consequences.

Hangovers are a horrendous feeling (mainly due to it being completely self-induced).

Being sick in a club is worse than being hungover.

And I gave it up for a reason.

I think my relationship with alcohol has gotten worse since I had my drink spiked last summer. Now before you think "oh yeah right, she just got really drunk" as many do, I had only had two drinks so could not have been that drunk, I literally could not get out of bed the next day and was still unable to eat for three days. It was almost like my body was scared that whatever I ate was going to be as bad as whatever was put in my drink so refused to keep anything down, just to be sure. I still have this issue with alcohol nearly a year later, it gets to a certain point, my body decides it's had enough and I end up being sick. I used to be able to drink so much more and I could do the typical binge-drinker thing of 'drinking to get drunk' but now I start to feel borderline tipsy-drunk and my body doesn't want to know. And it seems I had completely forgotten this last night when I decided that I did indeed want to drink.

So, note to self: next time you think you want to go out and get drunk, you do not. You can't get drunk anyway, you end up being ill and as a result end up even more hungover in the morning. Just have a few or be the designated driver instead, it's much more fun. Last night was not fun, neither is today.

Although as stupid as I feel for last night, really I've come off lightly in the morning-after-the-night-before-shame-spiral. At least I haven't coupled my hangover with having to ring my boyfriend and tell him I spent the whole night kissing another guy and then add heartache to my list of ailments. Stupid girl, we did tell her at the time to stop it, she wasn't having any of it.

Alcohol really is disgusting.

Why this picture and not a related one? Well 1) Even looking at bottles of alcohol makes me feel sick and 2) It's so cute, do I even need a reason?
Enjoy the Easter Weekend everyone :)


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